'Luminous' – that is the word that comes to mind when one meets Diane for the first time. Blonde, with a clear complexion and powdery colours – everything about her evokes softness, femininity. Her eyes, clear but piercing, reveal a fierce determination. Or rather passion, as Diane has lived and breathed fashion since childhood. For her it is a lifestyle, an aesthetic. She inherited an awareness of fine things from her parents, a sculptor and an architect, and she has developed the Soulages, Rothkos and Klimts which were her first loves, into something more contemporary. Today, she is more excited by Jenny Saville, Lucian Freud or Cindy Sherman and wouldn't miss out on a FIAC exhibition for anything in the world. It's straightforward – if she hadn't been a stylist, she wouldn't have become an artist. Her latest favourite, recorded in a moleskine notebook which she carries everywhere, is the artist Ian Navarro.

Music is also of paramount importance in her life and, in addition to listening to Gun's as background music in her car, she is a bit of a soul fan and cannot create without a tune going round in her head. To complete the palette, we should not forget to mention travel, which she was already used to at a very young age. From her father-in-law's ranch in Uruguay to her chalet in Megève, via London where she studied at the prestigious St Martin's School to Los Angeles, a city for which she has a special affection, and the Asian countries that today she journeys to for her job; for her all these places are a stimulus for her creation. But the essential, vital source of Diane's inspiration is drawn from those around her. Her childhood friends, who reflect back on her as a person with their originality, their fragmented appearance and distinctive style.

She is a woman in their image – rock and classical at the same time, feminine; in a word – Parisian. Her husband, her double, her complement, with whom she created April, May by simply putting together the two months in which they were born. Already the mother of two young boys, her two "flies" as she jokingly says, today Diane is going to give birth to her third child: her first boutique in Paris. Then, who knows, she might create a line for men with her own husband as her inspiration. A creative impulse which is a beautiful tribute to his name…".

Florence Valencourt
Le Trianon - Paris